Vehicle Registration

To legally operate a car or motorcycle in Alaska, you must first register it. The signup should take place a month after the purchase date. In the MVD, first registration is always done in person. Actually, before going to the office, it's a good idea to read over the prerequisites.

Registration Process

To record a new car or motorcycle, the applicant must go to the nearest center and fill out an application form.
You have to also have the following records with you;
  • Documentation of Residency and Identity
  • Identity Verification – No Social Security Number
  • Application for Title and Registration (Form 812)
  • Current Out-of-State Registration
Remember that you should supply the original records, not copies. The purchase agreement is the only exemption, as it might be a certified copy recognized by the state.
If you have purchased a used car, you have to go to the local office the first time you register it in your name. The seller and buyer must agree on the odometer mileage reading at the time of the transaction. Drivers in Alaska are obliged to have at least liability insurance on their vehicles.
When in MVD, you have to also submit the following documents;
  • certificate of insurance
  • a copy of your most recent insurance certificate
  • Letter of recommendation
  • proof of residency
  • Valid ID
Please include the title credential as well. The Certificate of Title must be completed and signed by the prior owner on either the front or reverse side.

Fees and Applicable Payments

If you want to enlist your automobile you should make some payments. The amount of your payment is based on the model of your car as well as its weight.
The applicable fees are also based on the Alaska license plate types you are going to get. In fact, there are several fee waiver options for charitable companies and Non-profit organizations.

Renewal and Replacement

Generally, Alaska registers automobiles for a term of two years. The due date is written on the sticker. Every time the expiration day is near (about a month ago) you get a notification reminder to warn you you need renewal. It’s always a good idea to handle the renewal process beforehand to avoid penalties and fines.
Take into account, that no matter when you have bought your car, if it was registered beforehand, you have to make the payment on time.

Commercial Vehicles

CVs should meet extra standards in addition to those stated below. Generally, they are vehicles used in a business to transport people, commodities, or property. Anyone who owns or operates a CV with a gross weight of more than 8000 pounds has to provide additional information and documents when registering their vehicle.
For a commercial one, you have to fill out a Vehicle Transaction Application (Form 812) completely, front and back. Don’t forget the following documents as well;
  • DOT Number
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • The number of axles
  • The gross taxable weight
  • HVUT