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In general, when you receive or retain a license, a lot of things can happen that require data updates on our paperwork. There are no exceptions for a driver's permit, registration, or title. So, there may be times when we move from one place to another, when we modify our name or surname, or when we change our address, and we must notify the DMV. What we should do and how should we act?
You have to submit all new documents to your local office to avoid any further complications. This article will guide you on what cases you have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and how much will it cost you.

Address Change

Whether you are leaving Alaska or simply changing your address inside the state, you must always notify the DMV. The office accepts data updates online, in person, or by mail.
Actually, you must provide new documentation within 30 days. It is critical to update the info on your driver's license, registration, residential ID, and so on. There are additional expenses when getting a driver's license modification. You can either update the information or receive a duplicate card for $15.
Required documents are nearly the same for all types:
  • AK DL
  • Proof of identity
  • SSN number
  • Alaska License Plate number
  • Current address documents
  • Hull ID
In the case of an online update, you have to visit the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles website and sign in. Here you have to fill in all the required fields and submit the application. The DMV will send you a confirmation letter. In fact, the same goes for in-person or via mail procedures. Just be attentive to mail cheks of applicable payments.
Title and Registration Info Modifications
There are some circumstances when you need to get a duplicate card including any modifications of the new name, address, etc. This is to certify you’re the same person owning the car.
First of all, you need to contact the local office or sign in to the website and download the application form. There are different request forms for each type of action taken. So, DMV must be notified in the following cases:
  • If you have modified your residence.
  • The vehicle’s color has been modified.
  • There is a lienholder, or you have changed your name.
  • You are adjusting the vehicle type from CV to NCV or vice versa.
In addition, you have to submit SSN and Odometer results for all the above-mentioned matters.
As we mentioned above, you can just sign in to the website portal and fill in the request form. If it’s not convenient, you may just visit the office or mail the documents.

Fees and Taxes

As a matter of fact, in all cases, there are applicable payments for all the procedures connected to any changes. The only exception is the fee waiver for seniors, military workers, and college students.
Actually, there may be different fees based on the car type, engine, weight, etc. However, general payments for getting a duplicate Driver or Motorcycle permits are $15 for a standard one and $35 for a REAL ID.
If the police ever catch you under influence and need to get a duplicate of your permit, you may be charged about $65. Modification charges concern to D, M1, M2, M3 classes.