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When you buy a car in Alaska, whether new or used, you must register and title it. If you purchased it with the assistance of a dealer, it is their responsibility to have these steps completed.

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Register and Title

You must pick between a regular and a personalized license plate. The first is yellow with blue letters on a yellow backdrop. You can get specialty decals if you want a certain combination of letters and numerals on your decal. Simply perform a fast Alaska license plate lookup to see if your desired combination is available. There are numerous websites that provide the service; however, it is always a good idea to check with your local DMV office. You only need to submit your proof of identity, payment cheques, and, of course, all car papers whenever you make a decision (purchase certificate, insurance proof, etc.).

Renewal and Surrendering

The tags are valid for two years period. You have to renew them every two years about two months before the due date. There may be applicable fees. In case you face late renewal, there may be fines and penalties. In some cases, residents have the option of a fee waiver for their registration and renewal. This is, however, applicable only for one vehicle. Senior citizens, military workers, and college students have special conditions. In case they are out of state at the moment of a due date, they are allowed to mail the documents before they are back to AK. If you are going to buy a new car or motorcycle, move out of out-of-state, or just sell this one you may surrender your current number tag. Just make a visit to the local office and fill in a request form.

Is Alaska a two-plate

After you've registered and titled your automobile or motorcycle, go to your local DMV to get your license plates. Alaska is a two-plate state, which means you must have both front and rear number tags on your vehicle. However, if you are operating a trailer or a motorcycle, you should only have the back one.

What does the current Alaska license plate look like?

A standard Alaska license plate has a yellow background with blue characters on them. The characters are limited to 6 letter-digit combinations. However, anyone can apply and get personalized plates in Alaska.