Alaska Vanity License Plates

In Alaska, you may get either standard or vanity license plates. Standard ones are issued after car’s or motorcycle’s registration and titling. For vanity decals, you have to apply separately as well as make additional payments. So let’s have a look at the specifications and get to know how to handle the AK Vanity License Plates application process.

Application for Alaska Vanity License Plates

First of all, the main difference with the standard one is that you may customize the lettering. What concerns the application process, it’s mainly the same. To submit the application you have three options: pay a visit to the nearest office, mail the request form along with the required records or apply online.
During this process, you will need the following documents:
  • Filled in and signed the request form
  • Proof of identity
  • Certificate title and registration
  • Current Driver’s permit
  • Cheques of applicable payments
As we specified above, you should apply online, via mail, or in person. Generally, there are two options when you submit your request. First, the DMV cam issue you tags with a randomly assigned number. Or you can apply for the lettering you want to have on the placard.
For the first option, you have to complete the Form 812. Don’t forget to mark the “Special Plate" option. Lately, you have to make the necessary payments and wait for your tags.
If you want a personalized lettering, you should submit all the above-mentioned paperwork as well as run a quick lookup. Thus, you can submit the availability of the letter-digit combination you need.
The vanity-plates arrive within four months.

Temporary Tags

Till your permament decals arrive, the AK Department of Motor Vehicles issues you temporary ones. They enable you to drive legally within the state. However, whenever you get your permament decals, you have to take the temporary tags to the nearest office.
In case police notices you driving with temporary tags after the due date, you may face fines and penalties.

Limitations and Restrictions

In AK, there are some specific restrictions applied to the lettering personalization. Generally, as in most of the states the limitations are as following:
  • First of all, you must not use any vulgar, discriminative or offesnive expressions.
  • You cannot include special symbols such as -, #, %, &, etc.
  • Finally, if the DMV checks out and finds that the combination you desire is a duplicate of another one, it won’t issue you the decal.
What concerns the character use you should use up to 6 digits and letters. To check out if the lettering you want is available for use, you have to run a quick Alaska License Plate Lookup.

Military and Veteran

Active duty and retired military workers as well as veterans are eligible for Alaska Vanity License Plates. They also qualify for fee waiver and discounts. However, it is only applicable for a car or motorcycle owned by them.
So, the documentation is nearly the same:
  • You must submit your proof of identity.
  • Later, you have to provide the Driver’s permit along with the car’s title and registration.
  • And, what’s the most important you have to provide a special notice from the Military Department that you work/have worked there.

Fees and Applicable Payments

Actually, fees can vary based on the vehicle type, decal type as well as the specific combination you desire.
The initial licensure ranges between $30 to $100. However, take into account that there are renewal and other related charges applicable.

Contact Info

TEL: 855-269-5551
3901 Old Seward Highway (Suite 101),
Anchorage, AK 99503
For online inquires, visit the Division of Motor Vehicle’s website.