Alaska License Plate

Alaska is a two-plate state, that requires you to have both decals attached to your vehicle. You have to exhibit the month tab and year tab as well. In AK, both of them are on the rare decal. However, motorcycles and trailers can only have the front one.

Application Process

Whenever you buy a vehicle, your next step is registering your car and obtaining stickers. The enlisting process must be done within 10 working days if you are going to work here. Out-of-state residents may drive legally only for two months.
For the first-time registration all the drivers must provide the following documents:
  • Vehicle title and registration (out-of-state)
  • F.812 (Title & Registration)
  • Cheques of applicable payments
  • Proof of identity
If the purchase was made by a dealer, it’s up to them to get the documents ready.

Alaska License Plate Types and Classifications

As in every state of the U.S, there also are several types of license plates. If classified into two large groups we will have two AK standard plate options; standard and specialty license plates. Specialty license plates are divided into the following categories:
  • Supporting a special cause
  • Personalized/ Specialty
  • Vintage & historic marks
  • Military
  • Disability
Personalized ones differ in design and special signs on the decals. Generally, it has a yellow background and is limited to six characters including letters and numbers. The other cases, such as Veterans’ have a white or gray background with “VETERAN” printed on them. So, the next question surely is how to get them?

Personalized or Specialty Tags

As mentioned above, specialized labels are given to special groups or organizations. However, specialty tags may also be obtained by individuals who want to have their desired letter-digit combination printed on them. However, before choosing one, it’s better to run an Alaska license plate lookup to check the availability of the combination.
The only restriction is the use of harassing, vulgar or violent messages. There is also a $30 fee applicable along with standard payments.
To apply, an applicant should have the below-mentioned documents ready;
  • Registration and Title
  • Driver’s ID
  • Filled in and signed out the request form
  • Payment cheques
You have to pay a visit to get the number tags ready. There are also personalized decals that are mainly bought by collectors such as 1921 Alaska license plates, vintage, or those of unique organizations that are no longer in charge.

Reporting an offensive combination

Actually, no DMV has the authority to issue any number tag combination that contains obscene, racist, or offensive remarks. This restriction is regulated by law 2 AAC 92.120.
Whenever someone notices a tag with this kind of combination on it, you can immediately contact the local office either by paying a visit or by writing an email to [email protected]. After receiving your email, the office will run an investigation and in case of any issues will send a recall notice.

Special Types

AK has a number of particular edition tags available. Some labels are variations of the conventional yellow design. And the others allow you to express your support for a specific cause or institution.
Let’s have a look at some of them.

Special Cause & Organization

As we have mentioned, there are some cases when the state has unique releases. Some of them are for raising awareness and showing state support. Among them are Breast Cancer Awareness, Children’s Trust, In God We Trust, etc.
The additional cost for these is $30.

Collegiate Plates

The Department of Motor Vehicles issues collegiate labels to the following institutions:
  • Anchorage
  • The Fairbanks campus
  • Prince William Sound Community College, etc.
Collegiate’s cost $50 in addition to ordinary registration expenses. When you renew your tags, you will be charged the regular renewal price.

Historic & Collector

Historic vehicles tags are issued to cars that are older than 30 years and are only used for exhibition purposes.
Collector's permits are issued to cars that were manufactured before 1949. They must also comply with current road safety and equipment regulations.

Honoring Military & Veteran Service

To receive a veteran label, you must have a confirmation that you have been or are currently serving in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces.
Please provide the following documents to fill in the application form;
  • Discharge papers (DD Form 214)
  • Letter of verification from the VA
  • Proof of identity
Some examples are available at most local offices, either the public service counter or are sent by mail within two business days.
What concerns the types of decals, The AK DMV offers the following:
  • A Purple Heart for recipients of the Purple Heart Award.
  • A Prisoner of War (POW) for those with POW status.
  • The Lao for vets of the conflict in Laos.
  • The Gold Star Family for immediate family members of those killed while serving.
In most cases, you have the option of a fee waiver for one car or motorcycle. Contact the local DMV office for more information.