Online Licensing

In this constantly developing world, the processes are tending to become online and more convenient. Alaska DMV is not an exception. If it is more suitable for you or you have a shortage of time, you may proceed with all these processes virtually.
Nearly all, from registration to renewal may be done at the Alaska DMV website. All you need is to pay a visit to the office first and register in the portal.

Online Certificate of Insurance

In almost every state you must have auto insurance. Drivers in Alaska must also carry proof of insurance demonstrating that they have at least the minimum needed coverage. This document, whether printed or electronic, must be shown to any law enforcement authority who requests it.
To insure your vehicle you have to submit liability coverage as well. If you ever are at fault in an accident, responsibility compensates the other motorist or their passengers for injuries and lost wages. It also includes coverage for damage to the other driver's vehicle.
So, as mentioned above you can obtain the virtual certificate of insurance without paying a visit to the Division of Motor Vehicles. All you have to do is to enter the Alamaba Division of Motor Vehicles website and proceed to Insurance section.
Here, you will need to fill in the required info fields and submit an application. Later, DMV workers will contact you about the certification period and any other requirements.

Take an Online Driver Exam

The Akaska Department of Motor Vehicles now provides choices to its residents to to take a driver's license knowledge exam without having to visit a DMV office. All the applicant must do is to enter the website and complete DL application. After completing the driver's license application and paying the fees, people are allowed to enroll for testing.
Applicants who have an internet-enabled PC or laptop with a webcam are allowed to take the exam. It is available in 35 languages. The exam cannot be completed on a tablet or mobile device. Applicant has to begin the online exam between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The test is available on working days.
Actually, virtual exam takers are asked to authenticate their identities and agree to be watched throughout the exam for identity verification and fraud prevention purposes. So, have the identity documents and techincal means ready by that day.
As a matter of fact, the online test may be taken twice. If an applicant fails the test after two attempts, they will be directed to a DMV office to retake the test.