Charitable Exemption for License

License plates are an obligatory part of every motorcar or an automobile in Alaska. No matter what type of transportation means the driver operates, the decals must be attached to both sides of the transport and display the special number. Before handling down the application process, especially for special ones, it’s always recommended to run an Alaska DMV license plate search. It enables checking the availability of the desired letter-digit combination printed on the decal.
Most of the specialty ones are for special associations, law authorities, etc. And, in general, when getting a license plate, there may be some applicable fees. However, for special causes, AK offers state exemption of fees.
Among these cases are cars and motorcycles that are for;
  • charitable or non-profit associations
  • AK Native Tribal Village Council
  • church/religious associations
  • automobiles and motorcycles owned by any governmental unit,
  • certified emergency services
  • automobiles that are used solely in driver's education programs at non-public schools
  • state-recognized commercial driving schools used by an educational institutions in transporting pupils to and from the school.
Except for County Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Workers, vehicles must show the owner's name on both sides.
In case you are eligible for one of these above-mentioned positions, you can apply for the price waiver.

Application Process

In order to get an exempt company or an individual should fill in a request form. It is a must to pay a visit to the local office and have the following records with you;
  • Form 812/ Title and Registration
  • Proof of identity
  • Organization or company’s certificates
Other documents required are based on the type of license plate.
For charitable companies or non-profit organizations, there is a requirement of Vehicle Transaction Form 812.
Alaska DMV requires a letter from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to make sure you have tax-exempt status.
AK Tribal Village Councils have to submit an affidavit to confirm they only use the vehicle for the business processes. Note that commodities have to be federally recognized.
What concerns churches and religious organizations must also show their tax exemption records issued by IRS.

Registration and Renewal

As a matter of fact, each car or motorcycle in Alaska should be registered immediately. The deadline for enrollment is two months after the date of purchase. However, there are some cases when vehicles are specifically exempted by legislation.
What concerns the paperwork, if you’ve bought the car from a dealer, they will take care of the documents. But if you have made a private sale, it’s up to you to get the records done.
Generally, AK registers its automobiles for a two-year period. The sticker includes detailed information, due date, and owners’ details.
If the car’s documents have expired for more than 12 months, you need to pay a full biennial fee. It starts from the expiration month, even if a purchase has just been made.
When a registration has been inactive for more than a year or when the former owner was exempt from paying fees, the registration is restarted (Senior Exemption, Disability, Military, etc.)